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Our Story

The Zenbly team have a unique blend of industry experience and technical expertise spanning over a decade. We are obsessed with swaying the odds of running a successful business in your favour.

We have taken this facility management experience and created a platform that will take the hassles away from managing a business, staff and customers.

Our Vision

We are obsessed with our user’s experience. As such, we have brought to you a cloud- native experience that leverages a range of advanced technologies to learn, manage and predict how to manage your business best so you can focus on the things that matter the most - your customers!


The Zenbly platform goes beyond being just a CRM, built with flexible technology with embedded intelligence. Our integrations ever growing integrations allow for a flexible range of options for our customers. Zenbly eliminates double entry activities by integrating back-office solutions and automating operations, saving you time and cutting out complexity.

How it works


Whether it’s our SMART scheduler, flexible payment integrations, automation of payroll and accounting activities, zPay (cardless transactions) or our in app communication capability – Say goodbye to double-entry tasks and streamline the way your business operates.


Growth Manager helps manage your business’ end-to-end. Our intelligent automation manages lead generation (digital & traditional channels), KPI & performance insights of your facility, staff and members, real-time and reliable data presented in a way that makes sense.


Manage and automate how you market your business with our easy to use marketing manager. Zenbly empowers you to manage, analyse and centralises all your marketing channels in one place. Analyse and automate of all your campaigns, integrated Google Analytics, online performance, Marketing spends and most of all, your customer's satisfaction levels.


We are partnering globally with organisations, educational institutions and professional certifiers to bring you and your staff a range of digital courses that are easy to consume and allows certification exams to be taken inside Zenbly. Easily share credited certifications with your employers, colleagues, and clients to ensure your level of knowledge is being recognised.


zCoach is our virtual expert and your new business coach! We are with you every step of the way from onboarding where it gathers vital information and goals for you and your business and being there daily analysing your business. zCoach uses our global network of facilities to analyse trends, best practices and learns what is making facilities successful.

Steve Grant, Director at Gym Hub

"Zenbly's user experience, reporting capability, business intuitiveness and flexible integration is like nothing I have seen in the industry"

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